How it's made

All our diapers are composed of three layers.

Dogs Diaper (Male - Female)

  • Diapers for females is three layers of fabricsThe outer shell fabric is for aesthetic. They are available in several colors and patterns.

  • The central layers is waterproof. It is composed of nylon.
  • Finally, the inner part is the comfort zone of your dog. It consists of a silk net.
  • Our Doggie Diapers are stabilized with an elastic band, which affix around the rear legs. This keeps the diaper in the right place on your dog.
  • A Velcro strap is used to secure it to the dog's waist.
  • The hole allows for the tail of your pooch to pass.

Belly Bands for males dogs

  • Diaper Belly Band for male dogsThis belly's band is made of a two layers of fabric. 
  • This belly band goes around your dog.
  • Powerful Velcro keeps up the band  

    Diaper Belly Band for maleBlue Belly Band for male dogs

Our doggie diapers used in conjunction with a disposable pad will give
more protection from leakage.